Max AUFISCHER (*1953, Graz),
Artist, head of Kulturvermittlung Steiermark, head of CCN-Cultural City Network, head of the international authors' house in Graz; lives in Graz.

Adel AWAD (*1964, Beirut),
Artist, archaeologist; graduated from the American University of Beirut; cooperated in the "Khabour" project, 1986-88; diploma thesis on "metal for peace"; master's class HTBLA - art & design, department for metal design; lives in Graz.

Abdul Salam BARRY (*1972, Freetown),
Artist, technician; primary school in Sierra Leone, graduated in German with ISOP Graz; cooperation in exhibitions and installations (Gruppe Baodo, Forum Stadtpark, etc.), since 2000, working with WERKSTADT GRAZ, beverage project "BAVODO", "CUCHA"; lives in Graz.

Joachim BAUR (*1957, Judenburg),
Artist; head of WERKSTADT GRAZ; lives in Graz.

Gottfried BECHTOLD (*1947, Bregenz),

Reinhard BRAUN (*1964, Linz),
Author, curator; several publications on photography and media theory; lives in Graz.

Illya CHICHKAN (*1967, Kiew),
Artist, Fellowship. grants: 1997 Artslink Residency, Nexus Center for Contemporary Art, Atlanta, Georgia, US, 1996 Artslink Residency, Glassel School of Arts, Houston, Texas, US; membership in artistic groups: Group of 'Paris Commune', Kiew, Ukraine; Awards: 1996 Prize in nomination "Best artists of 1996", International Art Festival, 'Ukrainian House' Cultural Center, Kiev, Ukraine.

Vanesa CVAHTE (*1969, Marburg),
Author of several texts on arts theory (media theory, collectivism in art, IRWIN group), international curator (e.g.: "MEDIA in MEDIA" - Ljubljana, 1997; "SiQ" - Vienna, 1999), broadcasts about authors for the Slovenian national TV station RTV SLO); lives in Slovenia.

Richard DANK (*1975, Graz),
Studying architecture, coprogrammer and user of xarch - experimental architecture server; currently working at the institute for artistic forms; several cooperations with different art organisations and various exhibitions of videos, installations and interactive work in austria andabroad.

Edin DURAKOVIC´ (*1967, Mostar),
Architect, has cooperated in international art projects; architectural office in Mostar, worked for the civil engineering department during the war (temporary bridge over the Neretva river in 1993); has committed himself to the reconstruction of Mostar; designed many buildings in Bosnia; lives in Mostar.

Markéta DVORŠÁKOVÁ (*1977, Opava/Troppau),
Studies: at Janacek Conservatory in Ostrava composition and piano (1992-1999); at Janacek Academy in Brno composition (1998-2003); a member of Ensemble MARIJAN ( performing improvized music and multimedia and group of women-composers HUDBABY ( orchestral, chamber and vocal music, one opera.

Barbara EDLINGER (*1964, Bruck/Mur),
Artist; since 1986 focal point: contemporary jewellery art; cooperation with WERKSTADT GRAZ, organisation of WORKSHOP GRAZ (Färbergasse 3, 8010 Graz, Austria; Tel: 0043/316/816176); lives in Graz.

Harald FACCHINELLI (*1952, Graz),
Artist; son of a South Tyrolean emigrant family; as a child, listened to his father's tales of foreignness, xenophobia, loss, war and battle for life. "The idea that in the end there might be something that you call WAR, and the danger of having to defend oneself, of not knowing where to go, drives me mad."

Werner FENZ (*1944, Graz),
Art historian, exhibition curator, university teacher for recent art history at Graz University; 1993-97 head of the Neue Galerie at the Landesmuseum (regional museum) Joanneum Graz; project and book: "KRIEG" (on war), 1993, together with Christine Frisinghelli (Camera Austria, Graz); current work: book project 4th Austrian Triennial of Photography, Graz, 2003; lives in Graz.

Seiichi FURUYA (*1950, Izu),
Artist; lives and works in Graz and Tokyo.

GAL (Bernhard GÁL) (*1971, Wien),
Composer, musician, musicologist; studied at Vienna University for Music (sound mixer) and at Vienna University (musicology); since 1996 has worked as a composer and musician; 1997/98 stay in New York City; concerts, performances, sound installations, exhibitions and inter-media art projects.

Rainer GANAHL (*Bludenz),
Artist, master of philosophy and history at Innsbruck University; Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, Dusseldorf Academy, study programme of Whitney Museum New York, a.o.; 2002 Baumgartner Gallery New York; 2001 Baumgartner Gallery New York, Galerie Nächst St. Stephan Vienna, Rosemarie Schwarzwälder Vienna, Galeria Massimo de Carlo Mailand, Sint-Lukasstichting Brüssel, Kunstverein & Stiftung Springhornhof Neuenkirchen; 1999 Venice Biennial - Austrian Pavilion; 1998 invited as an artist by WERKSTADT GRAZ; lives in New York.

Jĺrg GEISMAR (*1958, Burgsvik),
Artist; 1980-86 Dusseldorf Academy of Fine Arts; 1986-88 The New School for Social Research, New York; 1997 visiting professor at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium; 1998 visiting professor at Umea Konsthogskolan, Umea University, Sweden; 2000 invited artist at WERKSTADT GRAZ; (; lives in Dusseldorf.

Winfried GINDL (*1962, Klein St.Paul),
Conceptual artist, studied philosophy, cultural journalist and cultural manager; editor of "Sisyphus" literature magazine and of several anthologies; since 1995 editor of the "Edition Carinthia" series published by Carinthia-Verlag; lives in Klagenfurt.

Anselm GLÜCK (*1950, Linz),
Writer, painter, graphic designer; experimental literature, some of which he has illustrated himself, poetry performances; awards and distinctions: 1976 literature grant from the Federal Ministry of Education and Art, 1985 grant from the Federal Ministry of Education and Art, 1986 promotional award for literature from the City of Vienna, 1988 award from the Province of Carinthia in the framework of the Ingeborg-Bachmann competition; lives in Vienna.

G.R.A.M. (seit 1987),
Collective of artists (A); Günther Holler-Schuster, Roland Walter, Armin Ranner, Martin Behr.

Eva GRISS (*1943), "A-thor"; founded the Gallery for Styrian Modernism and the Griss Art Gallery; since 1995 GRISS KULTURTECHNIK (scientific work); lives in Graz.

Heidi GRUNDMANN (*Wien);
Cultural sub-editor and cultural critic with ORF-radio; in 1987 founded the broadcast KUNSTRADIO-RADIOKUNST which has been accompanied, since 1995, by KUNSTRADIO ON LINE. Cooperation on the development and realisation of innovative broadcast art projects based on telematics. Curator of international symposia, events and exhibitions. Texts and lectures on media and radio art, lives in Vienna.

Josef (Seppo) GRÜNDLER (*1956),
Musician, composer, handyman (software, electronic devices, media...); main instruments: guitar and computer; lives in Graz.

Michael HABERZ (*1954, Kapfenberg),
Architect, 1983 Diploma at the Technical University Graz, Faculty of architecture; since 1995 own office for architecture; lives in Graz.

Heribert HIRSCHMANN (*1955, Frauenfeld),
Artist; 1978-1983 studied at Linz University for Design; exhibition activities since 1978; from 1989 on, has dealt with new technology, "The computer and its capacity to simulate reality will serve as a subject and as a tool"; lives in Graz.

Peter G. HOFFMANN (*1945, Gröbming),
Artist; lives in Graz.

Bernhard HUMTING (*1974, Wien),
Artist; master's class in painting, Ortweinschule Graz 1989-99, studied philosophy and art history, 1994-03; exhibitions: Retzhof Leibnitz 1999, Next, Graz 1999, Cheap Art Athens 2000, Neue Galerie Graz 2001, lives in Vienna and Greece.

Dietmar JAKELY (*1954, Villach),
Artist, graphic designer; lives and works in Graz.

Viktoria JURASCHKO (*1968, Perwomajsk),
Artist; her works are included in private collections in the Ukraine, in Russia, Latvia, Austria, Belgium, Germany and the U.S.

Vladislaw JURASCHKO (*1970, Poltawa),
Artist; his works are included in private collections in the Ukraine, in Russia, Latvia, Austria, Belgium, Germany and the U.S.

Thomas KIENZL (*1962),
Studied architecture in Graz and Copenhagen; 1995 founded KOMME(r)Z office - Kom|merz, der; -es [frz. commerce

Josef KLAMMER (*1958, Lienz),
Artist, musician; composed music for the theatre, for movies, TV, radio, produced CDs, international concert activities, cooperates with WERKSTADT GRAZ; conceived the V:NM-Festival Graz; lives in Graz.

Claudia KLUCARIC (*1968, Graz),
Artist; 1992 graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, sculpture master's class; 1996 &1997 assistant teacher at the International Summer Academy for Fine Arts, Salzburg; 1997 artist in residence, Dubrovnik, Croatia; grant from Traklhaus, Salzburg; working grant from VCCA, USA; founded POOL, together with Mischa Reska; 2000 working grant in Rome; enclosure UROBA; 2001 award for fine arts from the Province of Lower Austria, lives in Unterrohrbach near Vienna.

Wolfgang KÖLBL (*1957, Graz, +2001, Graz),
Universalist, all-rounder.

Hildegard KÖNIGHOFER (*1954, Rettenegg),
Artist, graphic designer; lives and works in Graz.

Richard KRIESCHE (*1940, Wien),
1963 graduated from Vienna University and from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna; in 2002 tried harder not to be an artist of the art business; lives in Graz.

Peter LAUKHARDT (*1939, Graz),
Interpreter. 35 years ago, the Schlossberg researcher and Graz Old Town expert began to rewrite the history of the Graz Schlossberg. 1982: rediscovered the Gothic castle door (Hackher lions). In 1996, managed to read all of the inscriptions on the bells in the bell tower and in the cannon hall. Member of the International City Forum Graz and of the experts' committee for the preservation of the Old Town. Since 2001, has been designing a master plan for the Schlossberg (together with Peyker, Rainer, Zbiral). Published "The Graz Schlossberg" (Verlag für Sammler, Graz).

Andreas LEIKAUF (*1966),
Studied painting and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Exhibitions, projects and concerts in Austria and abroad. Since 1996 cooperation with Werkstadt Graz; lives und works in Vienna.

Zbigniew LIBERA (*1959, Pabianice),
Selected bibliography: 2000 Jones, Ronald "After the Wall: Art and Culture in Post-Communist Europe, Moderna Museet, Stockholm." Artforum (March); 1998 Marcoci, Roxana "The Antinomes of Censorship: The Case of Zbigniew Libera." Index 23 (March-April); Libera, Zbigniew "Analysis of the Historical Representation of Auschwitz in Contemporary Art in LEGO", 1996 - in: "The Memory of Auschwitz in Contemporary Art", ed. Yannis Thanassekos and Daniel Weyssow, Brussels, Fondation Auschwitz; 1997: Murphy, Dean E. "Artist Constructs a Volatile Story" - in: The Los Angeles Times (May 20). Lives in Warsaw.

Christian MARCZIK (*1955, Mürzzuschlag),
Organiser of cultural initiatives, conceptual artist ("time sculptor"); many actions and concepts; has organised many cultural festivals and his own art projects (2003 art taxi, together with Fedo Ertl); awards: 1999 Great art award from the City of Graz (Intro-Graz-Spection); 2000 light bars; 1st prize in the Landmark competition of Steirische Wirtschaftsförderung, together with Fedo Ertl.

Provincial curator for Styria.

Wenzel MRACŠEK (*1962, Klagenfurt),
Art historian, author of texts and films, freelance cultural journalist; participated in the CD-ROM-MARATHON MEDAL Graz project; works as an organiser and scientific consultant for "CHESS003" in the framework of GRAZ 2003 - Cultural Capital of Europe; lives in Graz. (seit 1998),

Manfred NISSLMÜLLER (*1940, Wien),
Goldsmith and artist in fine arts; many individual presentations and international exhibitions; since 1995, member of WERKSTADT GRAZ; 1997 concept for and foundation of a jewellery museum (together with Joachim Baur); awards: 1969 Diamond International Award, USA; 1992 award from the Republic of Austria; lives and works in Vienna and Zürich.

Norbert Walter PETERS (*1954, Stolberg),
Composer/musician; 1974-1981 studied musical theatre and singing, guitar and renaissance lute (Tadashi Sasaki); 1981-1984 studied composing with Herbert Nobis at the Federal Music University Rhineland; from 1977, worked as a musical journalist and freelance journalist; from 1987, committed himself to fine arts: performances and installations; 1991-1993 guest professor at the University of Fine Arts Saar (composing and spatial experience); lives in Germany.

F. E. RAKUSCHAN (*Wien),
Freelance author focussing on media and art theory (communication - media - culture); since 1989 has cooperated with several artists; current project: nybble-engine-project, together with Jahrmann and Moswitzer; 1994 Promotional Award for Media Art (Federal Ministry for Education and Art); lives in Vienna.

Wolfgang REINISCH (*1968, Graz),
Studied architecture at Graz Technical University, several architectural projects, since 1995 has focussed on the Internet; lecturer at Graz TU and at FH Joanneum University; many exhibitions; founding member of xarch and; a.o. Multimediaart Federal Award 1998, lives in Graz.

Alfred RESCH (*1962, Graz),
Artist, architect; secondary school, secondary school for vocational training - electronics and communications engineering, Graz; Graz Technical University - architecture; lives in Graz.

Oliver RESSLER (*1970, Knittelfeld),
Carries out art projects on various political and social themes; lives in Vienna.

Gernot RITTER (*1968, Eisenerz),
Studied architecture at Graz TU; assistant professor at Graz TU; since 2001 workshops at the AA in London; since 1988 won many competitions and awards: the Austrian Clients' Award, The Austrian Steel Construction Award, a.o. Since 1994 lectures and round tables in Dessau, London, Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck and Klagenfurt; since 2000, architectural office "hofrichter ? ritter"; since 1993 has built: one-family houses, apartment buildings, interior design and Internet projects; lives in Graz.

Florian RÖTZER (*1953),
Is a theorist and art critic. He is the author of several books on electronic art and the digital era. He prepared five special issues of the cultural journal Kunstforum and was editor of the communications magazine "Tumult." He is also a new media exhibition and event curator, among them "Digitaler Schein" in Munich, 1991 and "Telepolis" in Luxemburg 95, cultural capital of Europe. Currently he is editor of the electronic journal based in Munich "Telepolis"; lives in Munich.

Bambo SANE (*1978, Bambadinka),
Artist, dancer, culinary artist, musician, building technician, farmer; primary school in Senegal, vocational training school in Dakar, dance school in Dakar, graduated in German with ISOP Graz; class which prepares student for university, secondary school for vocational training HTL Graz; rapporteur in charge of development policy (Afro-Asiatisches Institut, Südwind, Welthaus), member of Afrikahaus (Commboni Mission), delegate of the foreigners' council of Graz; has worked with WERKSTADT GRAZ on the "TERANGA RESTAURANT" project (A 8010, Sporgasse 16, phone: 0043/316/81830656); lives in Graz.

Irmgard SCHAUMBERGER (*1960, Graz),
Artist; since 1988 teacher at vocational training school HTBLA art & design; many international awards and exhibitions; public commissions, purchases, publications and symposiums; lives in Austria.

Elisabeth SCHIMANA aka ELISE (*1958),
Works as a no-vocalist, performer, composer, broadcast artist and process manager in the field of electronics. Currently lives in Moscow.

Peter SKUBIC (*1935, Gornji-Milanovac),
artist; 1979-2000 taught at the Cologne College, in the art and design department; many international exhibitions; visiting professor: Salzburg Summer Academy, University for design in Halle; lives in Gamischdorf and in Vienna.

Lucia SPAROWITZ (*1963, Graz),
Artist; College for Design in Pforzheim; several exhibitions or group exhibitions; "floating material", 1999, WERKSTADT GRAZ; lives in Söding.

SPLITTERWERK (*Brand seit 1988),
A studio for research and teaching of architecture, fine arts, media and urbanism, since 1992, have been teaching at Graz TU, Innsbruck TU, Istanbul TU and Vienna TU. 1997: visiting professors at Sarajevo TU. 1998. founded and directed the Joanneum Research institute for architecture, design and process engineering. Internationally famous projects and realisations in housing construction and urbanism, several publications, 1st prizes in competitions, exhibitions, awards and distinctions in Austria and abroad.

Kurt STADLER (*1962, Graz),
Artist; 1980 - 1986 studied sculpture at Vienna University of Applied arts; 1986 "Geist and Form IX" award from the Province of Lower Austria; 1989 2nd art prize from the Graz-Seckau diocese; 1991 International Plastic Art Workshop, Rishon Le-Zion, Israel; 2002 "MORPHIUM", WORKSHOP GRAZ (individual exhibition); lives in Graz.

Werner STADLER (*1958),
Artist, master of arts; studied sculpture at HTBLA secondary school for vocational training and stage design at the Academy of Music and Performance Arts in Graz; awards: 1987 award for contemporary art from the Graz-Seckau diocese; 1988 grant for Rome from the Ministry of Education and Art; 1989 award for the promotion of art; since 1983, individual exhibitions and group exhibitions in Graz, Vienna, Hamburg, New York, Brussels, Krakov, Groningen, Bratislava, Paris; lives in Graz and Bolsena.

Barbara STELZL-MARX (*1971, Graz),
Mag. dr.; deputy director of Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Research on War Consequences, Graz, Vienna, Klagenfurt; Schörgelgasse 43, A 8010 Graz; research focus: war captivity and forced labour in the Third Reich and in the USSR, the Soviet occupation zone in Austria 1945-55; several publications on these subjects; lives in Graz.

Gerfried STOCKER (*1964, Möschitzgraben),
Artist, since 1995 artistic director of Ars Electronica Center in Linz; "The sound bars": expo 1992, Sevilla, "Winke Winke" - Graz, Venice Biennial, InterAktiva Cologne, Fisea - Minneapolis, USA, "Horizontal Radio", 1996, "Global Village", 1998, Eprom, WERKSTADT GRAZ, styrian autumn festival 1994; lives in Linz.

Ingeborg STROBL (*1949, Schladming),
Artist; individual exhibitions at: the Neue Galerie at the Landesmuseum Joanneum Graz, Kunsthalle St.Gallen, EA Generali Foundation Vienna, Vienna Secession, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Salzburger Kunstverein; lives in Vienna.

Walter SUPPER (*1948, Weiz, +2002, Feldbach),
turner (Elin factory Weiz), artist; his works appear in public and private collectons; invited by WERKSTADT GRAZ, 2001.

Josef TAUCHER (*1948, Weiz),
Since 1974 artist; fields of activity: painting, graphic design, sculpture, mineralogy, literature; many international exhibitions; publications (a.o.): 1976 Weizklamm-Raabklamm guide for climbers; 1979 Aussage (manual screen print and setting, texts: Christine Elisabeth Hollerer and Frederic Tybery), 1989 Klöch a South-Styrian Basalt deposit and its minerals, with W. Postl, B. Moser, D. Jakely and P. Golob; 1999 ANNALEN Journal of science and art (edited by Christine Elisabeth Hollerer and Josef Taucher); lives in Graz.

TEER (1984 - 1992),
Artists` working group: Wolfgang TEmmel, Fedo ERtl.>

David THORNE (*Los Angeles),
Artist, lives in Los Angeles.

Milica TOMIC´ (*1960, Belgrad),
Has an M.A. from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Has participated in group and solo exhibitions from 1981 onwards (Belgrade, Rijeka, Vrsac, Titograd, Brussels, Antwerp, Luxembourg, Edinburgh, Thessaloniki, Graz, Dessau, New York, Sao Paulo, Berlin). Award for the video installation on the Second international video Video Medeja. Currently working in Belgrade.

Robert TRAPPL (*1939, Wien),
Professor and head of the Department of Medical Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, University of Vienna, Austria. He is director of the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Vienna, which was founded in 1984. He holds a PhD in psychology (minor: astronomy), a diploma in sociology (Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna), and is an electrical engineer; lives in Vienna.

Timm ULRICHS (*1940, Berlin),
1959 - 1966 studied architecture at Hanover TU; 1961 founded "Werbezentrale für Totalkunst & Banalismus" and "Zimmer-Galerie & Zimmer-Theater" (exhibited himself as "the first living work of art", a.o.) and, in 1969, an art surgery ("consultation to be agreed individually"); 1972 professor at the Münster Academy of Fine Arts; lives in Hanover, Münster and Berlin.

M. S. UMESH (*1967, Bangalore),
Artist, actor; organised and designed many exhibitions and symposiums; teaches at various art colleges; invited artist of WERKSTADT GRAZ, 2001; lives in India, Europe, Asia und America.

Eva Ursprung (*),
Actions, installations, objects, art in the electronic space. Work with video, photography and sound; (music) performances. Bass guitar and saxophone in ZLAN; saxophone in "wavegroom". 1982-1992 Feminist cultural magazine Eva & Co., since 1993 president of the W.A.S. (Women's Art Support) organisation, since 1997 mailing list 42. Projects, participation in exhibitions, performances and video screenings in Osnabrück, Bonn, Madrid, London, Jerusalem, Budapest/Lvov/St. Petersburg, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Singapore, Gdansk, Hull, Manchester .... 1996 Art promotion prize of the City of Graz; 1998 BKA artist in residence in Fujino, Japan.

Inge VAVRA (*Augsburg),
Has had many exhibitions in Austria and abroad since her diploma in graphic design and painting (Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna), works designed for public space (informationsfreilegung, st.veit a.d. glan 1999), art and building (zeit-raum schiene, geriatrie klagenfurt 1996; der seufzer, villach 1998). Has worked for 3 years on the photo project: LIFE STILLS, an analysis of the contents of TV news (gedächtnislücken, 2000; auf teufel komm raus, 2001; wer's glaubt, wird selig, 2002); lives and works in Krumpendorf and Vienna.

Olexander VERESCHAK (*1971, Dnjpropetrowsk),
Artist; 1991 - 1996 Institute of Industrial Art, Kharkov, Ukraine; many international exhibitions and projects: City La Plata, Argentina; Passage du Ritz, Paris, France; Center for Contemporary Art Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine; Gallery Kohlenhof, Nuremberg, Germany; Video art festival, Kiev, Ukraine; Poznan, Poland; International Triennial 100 Cities, Poland; International Print Triennial Krakow-97, Krakow, Poland; 2nd Biennial of Contemporary Ukrainian Art PanUkraine, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine; lives in Kiev.

Peter WEIBEL (*1944, Odessa),
Artist, curator, author of many texts on art and media theory, in 1989, founded the Institute for New Media in Frankfurt-Main; artistic director of Ars Electronica in Linz for many years; from 1993 to 1999 Austrian commissioner for the Venice Biennial; since 1999, head of the Centre of Karlsruhe centre of art and media technology and commissioner at the Neue Galerie at the Landesmuseum Joanneum in Graz; lives and works in Karlsruhe, Vienna and Graz.

Renate WIEHAGER (*1959, Bremen),
Studied art history, theology, literature and philosophy; 1988 doctoral thesis: monography about Richard Oelze; 1991 - 2000 head of the art galleries of the City of Esslingen - Villa Merkel, Bahnwärterhaus; from January 2001 head of the art department at DaimlerChrysler; many publications in books and catalogues on art in the 20th century and on international contemporary art; lives in Germany.

Heinz WONDRA (*1940, Klagenfurt),
Architect; 1959 University of Leoben, petroleum engineering; 1960 Graz Technical University, architecture; graduated in 1969; 1970 Munich, Domenig & Huth; 1973 van den Broek en Bakema; 1977 civil engineer; 1978 was authorised to work as an architect; 1980 studios in Graz and Salzburg; since 1990 has been working as a freelance architect in Graz; motto of the office: architecture as an intelligent product (; lives in Graz.

Franz XAVER (*1956),
Artist; 1987 - 1991 Taught at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, master's class for visual media design; 1989 - 1992 lab for visual media, University of Applied Arts Vienna; 1993 - 1996 taught communications theory at Graz TU, institute of architecture; since 1996 feasibility studies on the Internet: "The informational world of Sysadmins"; currently living in Vienna.

Markus Haslinger, Eva Kleinsasser

Oksana ZABUZHKO (*1960, Kiew),
PhD in art philosophy; deputy head of the Ukrainian PEN; famous author of contemporary Ukrainian literature ("A Kingdom of Fallen Statues" - 1996, "Field Work in Ukrainian Sex" - 1996); many international literature awards, Global Commitment Foundation Poetry Prize, 1997; a.o. guest of WERKSTADT GRAZ, 2001; autumn 2002 "writer in residence" of the City of Graz for the project "Die Poetik der Grenze" within the framework of GRAZ 2003 - CULTURAL CAPITAL OF EUROPE; lives in Kiev.